Highlights 2014

Well its simple, I guess its the first time in a long time that I’ve been able to take time and appreciate the hardwork put in recently.

So with that said :
1] Early May, Chi-town took notice & had my single Life By The Beach on rotation, on Chicago college radio. Shoutout to Martina Moran.

2] 28 May – The nerves hit in for the 1st time, when I had to reveal “Life By The Beach” to the “public”. Anyone who was there might have noticed that I was a little edgy, considering the bad sound equipment. A good starting point I guess.

3] 7th June – This for me was thee “career” highlight. Having to release my first ever project & launch “Life By The Beach”. Epic is an understatement. A good performance and a good vibe. Everything a musician could ask for. http://journalismiziko.dut.ac.za/lifestyle/rapping-by-the-beach/

4] 17th July: TheStreetWordIz.co.za named me Artist to Watch for June. Fucking Humbled. They even feature my single. http://thestreetwordiz.co.za/2014/07/17/artist-to-watch-morgan-mafu/

5] 28th July – New York, NY shows love, as “In The Desert” gotta feature on TheTop40Charts At this point in time, one has to wonder when is Durban [the city I’ve come to know love] going to show love. Link http://top40-charts.com/news.php?nid=102236

Its not much for 3 months of work, but its certain a starting point for a debut EP.


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