A FANTASY – ファイアサイド

An Inspiration



As whimsical as I could be. As clumsy too. My name is Ndileka, but you know that already. But what you don’t know is where I’ve been and where I am, or maybe very few know.

You know there’s always a Mecca for every artist. A place where they “make it” and that place is Johannesburg, where I from, and it is literally where I’m from. But I respectfully disagree.

Well, contrary to most artists, I actually left Johannesburg and went to a far more reNDIXXXmote place, a city by the sea, a city for MY dreams. Durban! In this city, I’ve found love in many ways, I found music. I foundNu Age Muzik, an art collective/family that has dedicated itself to bring life to my artistic endeavors.

Its a rare family to have, with a creative backbone and ambition…

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